Facebook blocked our campaign site calling for an investigation into Amazon

UPDATE: After Gizmodo contacted Amazon about our site being censored, they have now unblocked it. More info soon if we get it.

Welp. This happened.

This week Fight for the Future and more than a dozen other civil liberties groups launched a new campaign calling for a full congressional investigation into Amazon’s surveillance-based business practices, data harvesting, and privacy violations.

Now Facebook is blocking our campaign’s website. When users try to share InvestigateAmazon.com, Facebook blocks it and shows this error message, saying the link “goes against” their “Community Standards.”

Screenshot of error message when you try to share InvestigateAmazon.com on Facebook

Maybe Facebook doesn’t love the idea of Big Tech monopolies facing congressional scrutiny? As we told Gizmodo:

“Whether this was intentional censorship, some technical glitch, or just a mistake made by an overworked human or robot, the end result is the same,” she said, “the campaign page that we made to give people a voice in their democracy is being blocked by a Silicon Valley giant. This underscores the fundamental danger of having a tiny handful of companies with so much power. This is why we need lawmakers to investigate and take meaningful action to rein in Big Tech companies like Facebook and Amazon.”

If you want to check out the campaign that Facebook apparently doesn’t want you to see, head over to InvestigateAmazon.com, and then I guess share this post and maybe Facebook won’t block that?

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