Verizon and AT&T have a last ditch plan to kill the California net neutrality bill

Amidst widespread public outcry following reports that Verizon throttled service to firefighters battling the worst wildfire in the state’s history, the California Assembly is about to vote on SB 822, the most comprehensive net neutrality bill in the country, which would ban a variety of abusive behavior by monopolistic Internet Service Providers.

The bill cleared a key committee hearing yesterday and is how headed for a final vote on the Assembly floor. But sources in Sacramento say that ISP lobbyists are launching a desperate last-ditch attempt to stop SB 822. They’re , lining up corrupt politicians — both Democrats and Republicans — whose pockets they line with campaign contributions to sink the bill with hostile amendments during a floor session Friday.

They’ll need to get at least 15 Democrats to side with Big Cable in order to ambush the bill this way. We can’t let that happen. We’re crowdfunding new billboards to make sure they know they can’t get away with this.

These are the most likely Assemblymembers to cave to the ISPs. Call and tweet them right now and tell them that the whole Internet is watching.

If we can stave off this sneak attack and get SB 822 to a full vote on the Assembly floor, we’ll need a full court press to get it passed.

If you live in California, click here to contact your Assemblymember right now. Everyone else, please share widely!

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