This Fourth of July, US veterans are calling on Congress to restore net neutrality

The loss of net neutrality affects all of us. It undermines freedom and opportunity, and puts the interests of elites ahead of all of our basic right to connect.

As a US veteran, these are not the values that I was told I was signing up for when I put on the uniform.

That’s why I’m working with other veterans who are passionate about the open Internet, along with Fight for the Future, to launch VetsForThe.Net, an open letter from US veterans to our elected officials in Congress calling on them to overrule the FCC’s disastrous repeal of net neutrality.

If you’re a US veteran or active service member, please click here to sign the open letter!

If you’re not a US veteran, take a moment think of any friends and family members who are, and forward this to them via email, text, or messenger!

Or click to share the open letter on Twitter or Facebook.

Veterans, military families, and service members rely on the Internet to keep in touch with loved ones overseas and access essential services at home.

The open Internet has allowed American small businesses to thrive, and has created new jobs that veterans urgently need. The loss of net neutrality will allow cable companies to throttle services, censor free speech, and charge new fees that veterans can’t afford.

Our representatives in Congress have the power to restore net neutrality and protect our online freedom. If thousands of us who have served this country speak up, we can make a difference.

If you’re a vet or active service member, go to VetsForThe.Net to sign the open letter!

Everyone else, please forward and share widely. Our goal is to get thousands of veterans signed on to the open letter this week.

Thank you!
-Tim Ellis, VetsForThe.Net

P.S. If you’re part of a veterans group, VFW post, or other organization that wants to endorse the letter, email and let me know!

P.P.S. The link to the open letter is, please share it everywhere you can and send it directly to any vets or service members you know!

We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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