These Members of Congress Sold Out Their Constituents for the T-Mobile / Sprint Merger

Six of the thirteen House representatives who chose to put Sprint and T-Mobile ahead of their constituents.

Monday afternoon, Politico reported that a handful of lawmakers led by Reps Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Billy Long (R-MO) had released a terrible letter supporting the controversial merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. If approved, the proposed merger would kill up to 30,000 jobs and lead to higher cell phone bills and less choice for everyone, hurting low-income communities the most.

We were shocked to see Rep. Eshoo and her co-signers lining up to support this massive handout for T-Mobile and Sprint executives. The letter reads like it was written by a T-Mobile lobbyist and is filled with claims that are totally unsubstantiated. The lawmakers’ support is sad but unsurprising, however, given that the letter’s signatories have collectively taken over $2.4 million dollars from telecoms over the years

No elected representative in their right mind should support a deal that will lead to higher cell phone bills and fewer jobs for their constituents. We need to teach politicians that they can’t bend over backwards to put telecom giants ahead of their constituents and get away with it.

Here are the 13 lawmakers who just supported the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. Call, tweet, and email their offices using the info below and tell them you oppose this merger:

We need to make an example out of these lawmakers, and then make sure the rest of Congress knows just how bad the merger would be for consumers. Click here to learn more and find all the ways you can take action.

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