There’s a second California net neutrality bill, and ISPs think they can kill it.

California made history earlier today when SB 822, the strongest net neutrality bill in the US passed the legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support. But there’s a second bill on the floor, SB 460, and it seems like a bunch of California lawmakers think they can dodge the vote on it, probably as a conciliatory gift to companies like AT&T and Comcast, who donate a ton of money to their campaigns.

SB 460 is such a simple bill. All it does is prevent taxpayer dollars from being spent on state contracts with ISPs that violate net neutrality. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone who voted yes on SB 822 would vote no on SB 460. There’s still time to save this bill, lawmakers have until midnight (PST) to vote.

Call these Calfornia Assembly members right now and tell them to vote YES on SB 460, don’t cave to ISP lobbyists!

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