There is still hope for net neutrality in California

I have some tentatively good news about the net neutrality fight in California.

Last week, as you may have heard, our net neutrality bill SB 822 was completely eviscerated and filled with loopholes at a hearing led by Chairman Miguel Santiago, who counts AT&T as one of his top donors.

The move ignited a firestorm of online outrage, and thousands of people called, emailed, and even chipped in to crowdfund a billboard. And now it looks like all of that pressure is working! We’re hearing reports that Chairman Santiago is now negotiating with the author of SB 822, as well as Senator Kevin de León, and working to repair the damage that he did to the bill.

That’s really good news, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Everyone reading this should call and tweet Chairman Santiago and Senator De León right now.

Tell them to BE A HERO and restore SB 822 to its original form. California needs a real net neutrality bill including a ban on harmful “zero rating” schemes.

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago:
Capitol Office: 916–319–2053
District Office: 213–620–4646
Twitter: @SantiagoAD53

Senator Kevin de León
Capitol Office: 916-651–4024
District Office: 213-483–9300
Twitter: @kdeleon

It’s important that calls and tweets today are POSITIVE. After all the public pressure they’ve received, we think there’s a good chance these lawmakers are going to do the right thing, so we want them to feel like they will have the public’s support if they do.

If they don’t, then we’ll make sure that everyone knows that they betrayed us. We’ve already got plans for a billboard in Chairman Santiago’s district and a massive online campaign.

We’ll keep you posted, but the good news is that there is still hope for net neutrality in California!

We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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