The telecom industry chickened out and canceled their fundraiser for Senator Roger Wicker after we announced a protest outside.

Protestors gather outside The Capital Grille in Washington DC on Feb. 26th with a giant fake check for Senator Wicker.

Politico is reporting that a controversial telecom industry-led fundraiser for Senate Energy & Commerce Chair Roger Wicker was cancelled at the last minute after Fight for the Future announced a snap protest outside the slated venue last night.

Internet users gathered outside The Capital Grille in downtown DC where the fundraiser was set to take place with an oversized “check” for $1500–the price of a ticket to the fundraiser–and a giant banner reading “WE ARE HERE TO BUY A SENATOR.” You can see the photo gallery here.

The fact that the telecoms planned a fundraiser the night before a major hearing on legislation that could affect millions of people’s privacy rights is outrageous. This is blatant corruption at its worst. And apparently they’re so scared of sunlight that they canceled the whole thing because of a few privacy supporters with a banner.

The Senate just finished their first hearing on privacy and didn’t invite any privacy experts or advocacy groups, so we need people to call members of the Senate Commerce Committee and demand REAL privacy protections while everyone in DC is still paying attention.

Once you dial, here’s what you can say:

“I’m calling to tell the senator that we expect real privacy protections, not fake legislation written by lobbyists. The Senator needs to consult with actual Internet users and privacy experts as soon as possible. Our privacy rights are not for sale.”

And here is the list of Senators you need to call:

  • Senator Roger Wicker (MS) — (202) 224–6253
  • Senator John Thune (SD) — (202) 224–2321
  • Senator Roy Blunt (MO) — (202) 224–5721
  • Senator Ted Cruz (TX) — (202) 224–5922
  • Senator Deb Fischer (NE) — (202) 224–6551
  • Senator Jerry Moran (KS) — (202) 224–6521
  • Senator Dan Sullivan (AK) — (202) 224–3004
  • Senator Cory Gardner (CO) — (202) 224–5941
  • Senator Mike Lee (UT) — (202) 224–5444
  • Senator Ron Johnson (WI) — (202) 224–5323
  • Senator Shelley Moore Capito (WV) — (202)-224–6472
  • Senator Todd Young (IN) — (202)-224–5623
  • Senator Rick Scott (FL) — (202) 224–5274
  • Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN) — (202) 224–3344
  • Senator Maria Cantwell (WA) — (202) 224–3441
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN) — 202–224–3244
  • Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) — (202) 224–2823
  • Senator Brian Schatz (NI) — (202) 224–3934
  • Senator Ed Markey (MA) — 202–224–2742
  • Senator Tom Udall (NM) — (202) 224–6621
  • Senator Gary Peters (MI) — (202) 224–6221
  • Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI) — (202) 224–5653
  • Senator Tammy Duckworth (IL) — (202) 224–2854
  • Senator Jon Tester (MO) — (202) 224–2644
  • Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) — (202) 224–4521
  • Senator Jacky Rosen (NE) — 202–224–6244

We’ve seen scandal after scandal after scandal where Internet users’ sensitive, personal information is being stolen, sold, manipulated, or abused without their knowledge. It is outrageous that Senator Wicker would hold a privacy hearing without any input from the public.

We’re not going to let this slide. Please take a second to call these Senators as soon as possible.

We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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