Here’s how to put your subreddit on “Red Alert” to help flood lawmakers with calls before the senate votes on net neutrality.

The FCC voted to let ISPs ruin the Internet. But there’s an imminent vote in the US Senate to overrule them and restore net neutrality. Starting on May 9th until the day of the vote, put your website or social profile on RED ALERT to help sound the alarm and flood lawmakers with calls and emails. Here’s how you can participate if you run a subreddit or website.

Here’s how you can participate if you moderate a subreddit:

Run a sticky post:
We’re asking subreddits to run a sticky post starting on May 9th (tomorrow!) running through to the vote (about 1 week), linking to where redditors can call and email their legislators. Here is some sample text you can use, but we encourage everyone to tailor the message for their specific subreddit

Change your subreddit theme:

Because of the recent Reddit redesign, there are two different themes you should use to show support for the week of action. I should note, you can run both at the same time! Here’s how to add those themes to both versions of Reddit —

How to change the theme for the new Reddit redesign:

  1. Navigate to your subreddit, and click on ‘MOD TOOLS’ drop down menu in the top right corner of the sidebar, and then select ‘Customize appearance’.
  2. Next, select ‘Banner’ under ‘Appearance’ in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Set height to ‘Large’, set ‘Color’ to #e30708 in the ‘HEX CODE’ text field.
  4. Now, upload this image in the ‘Additional Background Image’ section, and set its orientation to ‘Right’ at the bottom of the menu.
  5. Click ‘save’, and you should be all set. The settings should look like this when you are done. The theme should look something like this

How to change your theme for the old Reddit design:

  1. Navigate to your subreddit and click on ‘subreddit settings’ under ‘MODERATION TOOLS’ on the sidebar on the right.
    In the ‘sidebar’ text field, paste the following text:

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘save options’

2. Next, click ‘edit stylesheet’ under ‘MODERATION TOOLS’ on the sidebar on the right. Paste the following code into the large text field:

3. Click save, and you should be all set. The final theme should look something like this

Here are some ways you can participate as an individual:

How to put your social media accounts on RED ALERT

How to put your site on RED ALERT

Reply in the comments if you have any questions or ideas to make this protest even bigger. Thanks!

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