“The Internet is keeping score.” Major websites and web activists plan mass online protest Monday launching “scorecard” that shows where reps stand on net neutrality

TL;DR there’s another big online protest for net neutrality on Monday, focused on helping people learn where their reps stand. Learn more here!

$102 million. That’s how much big ISPs like Comcast and AT&T gave to Congress in their quest to destroy net neutrality. This Monday, July 23, major websites, tiny blogs, online communities, YouTube channels, gaming forums and more will join in an online protest to plaster that number across the Internet, driving traffic to the BattleForTheNet.com “scoreboard” that makes it easy for everyone to look up where their representatives stand on net neutrality and take action.

The protest comes just days after Rep Mike Coffman (R-CO) became the first Republican House Member to sign on to the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overrule Ajit Pai’s FCC and restore net neutrality. That’s a huge deal, and has created massive pressure for other House members to do the same, making the timing of this protest perfect for getting us closer to the simple majority that we need to win in the House. (The CRA resolution already passed the Senate with bipartisan support.)

Big sites like GitHub, Namecheap, Pornhub, and Gandi.net have already confirmed that they’ll be helping spread the word on Monday. Fight for the Future has created a brand new “widget” that makes it easy for any site to display an alert that lets users look up where their reps stand and then email, call, and tweet them. Internet users are encouraged to change their profile images and sound the alarm on social media.

Banner ads and social media images available at BattleForThenNet.com

Basically, take whatever corner of the Internet you control, whether it’s a major website or a personal instagram account, and get as many people as possible to go to BattleForTheNet.com and take action. Let’s do this!

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