The government wants to use Facebook Messenger to spy on you

TL;DR: The DOJ is trying to force Facebook to compromise its encryption so they can wiretap calls on Messenger, but this would make the app less secure for all of its 1.3 billion users. When the FBI tried to make Apple weaken its security, Internet users rose up and the agency backed down. Now we need to do this again. Sign the petition to push back here.

Over the weekend news broke that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is trying to force Facebook to weaken its encryption so that law enforcement can wiretap voice calls on its popular Messenger app. If Facebook is forced to comply with the DOJ’s request, the company would put the security of all Messenger users at risk, and set a dangerous precedent for digital security going forward.

For once it looks like Facebook is actually doing the right thing by refusing to cooperate with the government. Compromising their encryption to facilitate wiretaps would weaken security for all its users, and would help expose their private conversations to bad actors, stalkers, and government spies.

The story is very similar to when the FBI tried to force Apple to build a backdoor into all iPhone devices so law enforcement could gain access to the contents of our phones without a password. In that case Internet users rose up in opposition, and the agency backed down.

We need a groundswell of opposition to fight the government’s latest request to weaken our security. If the DOJ wins here it could set a dangerous precedent for other encrypted services like Signal, Wire, or WhatsApp. If the government successfully weakens Messenger’s security then there’s little doubt they’ll go after others.

Over 1.3 billion people use Messenger and we simply cannot let this many people have their privacy compromised. Weakening encryption puts us all in danger, and the DOJ needs to drop its request immediately.

We’ve launched a new petition to help push back. Click here to add your name and say: “The DOJ should immediately stop trying to force Facebook and other tech companies to break encryption that keeps us safe. Tech companies should not be forced to build spy tools for the government.”

Strong encryption saves lives, so we need to push back on governments that try to undermine our collective security wherever it crops up. You can learn more at

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