The FCC’s repeal of net neutrality will officially enter the Federal Register this week. There’s a massive online protest planned on Feb 27 to overturn it.

Reuters is reporting that the FCC’s resoundingly unpopular repeal of net neutrality is expected to officially enter the Federal Register this Thursday, February 22. Once that happens, it will start the clock on a window of 60 legislative days to pass a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to overrule the FCC and restore the protections that never should have been taken away.

Net neutrality supporters and major web platforms like Tumblr, Etsy, Vimeo, Medium, Private Internet Access, Imgur, Namecheap, GitHub, Fiverr, and Patreon have called for an Internet-wide day of action this coming Tuesday, February 27, to flood the Senate with calls and emails to secure the final vote needed to pass the CRA resolution and take the fight to the House.

It’s called Operation: #OneMoreVote. Join here!

Or text MISSION to 384–387 and we’ll walk you through how to join! (Message and data rates apply, reply STOP to stop receiving messages.)

Internet users will be encouraged to sound the alarm on social media and sign up to receive alerts with their lawmaker’s position on net neutrality and prompts to take action on the big day, while websites, subreddits, and online communities will display prominent alerts driving phone calls, emails, and tweets to Senators and Representatives calling on them to pass the CRA.

Get the code to display these on your site or blog here.

50 Senators have already come out in support of the CRA, which would completely overturn the FCC’s December 14 decision and restore net neutrality protections. Several Senators have indicated that they are considering becoming the 51st vote we need to win, but they’re under huge pressure from telecom lobbyists. Only a massive burst of energy from the Internet will get them to move.

If we can pass the CRA in the Senate, we’ll take the fight to the House of Representatives, where we’ll need to wage an all-out war to reach the 218 votes (a simple majority) needed to force the CRA past any blocks from leadership to the floor. If we hit that number, it can’t be stopped by a filibuster either.

Net neutrality is NOT dead yet. And it’s too important to stop now. This isn’t just about how fast our videos load, it’s about the future of the Internet as a platform for free expression, economic innovation, and exchange of ideas. It’s about the future of our democracy.

The movement is growing and we are fighting to win. Join us for Operation: #OneMoreVote on February 27 and lets flood the Senate to save net neutrality!

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