Tell Boston City Council to ban facial recognition surveillance

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Boston City Council is expected to vote THIS WEDNESDAY, June 24th on whether to ban the use of facial recognition surveillance by police and government agencies.

The cities of Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline, and Springfield have already banned the use of this invasive, racially biased, and ineffective software. City Councils across the US are taking steps to rein in police surveillance as protests demanding justice sweep the country. But we are hearing Mayor Marty Walsh may threaten to VETO this ordinance and allow face surveillance to continue. We can’t let that happen.

We need everyone to email and call the city council so that we can pass this ordinance with a veto proof majority. Tell them to BAN FACE SURVEILLANCE IN BOSTON!

Kim Janey
Council President
City Council District 7

Anissa Essaibi George
City Councilor At-Large

Michael Flaherty
City Councilor At-Large

Julia Mejia
City Councilor At-Large

Michelle Wu
City Councilor At-Large

Lydia Edwards
City Councilor District 1

Ed Flynn
City Councilor District 2

Frank Baker
City Councilor District 3

Andrea Campbell
City Councilor District 4

Ricardo Arroyo
City Councilor District 5

Matt O’Malley
City Councilor District 6

Kenzie Bock
City Councilor District 8

Liz Breadon
City Councilor District 9

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