Nebraskans need to put pressure on Rep Fortenberry to make sure he protects net neutrality. Attend his town hall TONIGHT.

The Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution is Congress’s only viable way to restore net neutrality protections — protections that officially ended June 11th. It’s a tool Congress can use to overturn bad policies from agencies like the FCC. The CRA resolution passed the Senate in a historic bipartisan vote, and it can pass the House if 218 representatives sign the discharge petition to force a vote. 177 Republican and Democratic reps have signed the discharge petition, but Rep. Fortenberry is not one of them.

Representative Fortenberry will be holding a town hall tonight (7/27) at 5 PM Schoo Middle School in Lincoln, NE. We need to convince Rep. Fortenberry to sign the discharge petition in order to force a vote on the Congressional Review Act, or CRA resolution, to save net neutrality.

RSVP for the event here.

Nebraskans need to put pressure on Rep. Fortenberry to make sure he does the right thing, instead of caving to giant internet providers like Comcast and AT&T.

The Congressman claims he supports net neutrality. But the legislation he co-sponsored has NO CHANCE of passing this Congress, and he has yet to publicly support the net neutrality CRA. When you urge Fortenbery to sign the discharge petition, note that the legislation he has supported cannot pass this year — and that supporting it without signing the discharge petition is the same as doing nothing to restore net neutrality.

We need to make sure Rep. Fortenberry understands how much this issue matters to his constituents. RSVP to attend this town hall now! Registration is not necessary to attend; you just need to show up.

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