I know you’re tired of hearing about net neutrality. I’m tired of writing about it. But the Senate is about to vote, and it’s time to pay attention

  • Here’s a folder with various sized graphics, banners, and ads, we’re generating a bunch of new stuff soon too
  • Here’s a folder of graphics sized for social media avatars / headers. Change your profile pic starting on May 9 to spread the word!
Use our widget code to put your website or blog on RED ALERT!
On the day of May 9th, and the day before the Senate vote, if confirmed, the RED ALERT widget will become a full screen splash page like this. A powerful way to sound the alarm.
There are banner ads, social media avatars, and more available too. Every Internet user can get involved.



We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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