I know you’re tired of hearing about net neutrality. I’m tired of writing about it. But the Senate is about to vote, and it’s time to pay attention

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3 min readMay 5, 2018


TL;DR the Senate is about to vote on a resolution to save net neutrality, so put your websites, subreddits, apps, and social accounts on Red Alert starting on May 9th.

Look, I know everyone is tired of hearing about this. I’m tired of writing posts about it. But the fight for net neutrality is NOT over, and this upcoming Senate vote on the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to block the Ajit Pai’s repeal is going to define the battle field that we’re fighting on possibly for the next decade.

The ISPs army of lobbyists are hoping that we’re tired. They’re hoping that we’ve become apathetic and have heard too many times that this is the “last chance” to save net neutrality. The media isn’t helping. They ran incorrect headlines on April 23rd saying “Net neutrality is officially dead.” Well, it isn’t. And there is a real path to saving it.

On May 9th, net neutrality supporters in the Senate will file a “discharge petition” that will force a vote to the Senate floor, likely a few days later. WE NEED TO WIN THAT VOTE. It only takes a simple majority, 51 Senators, and we already have 50 committed. But we don’t need to just win, we need to win with a landslide and pick up more Republican support, so we can show the world that net neutrality is NOT a partisan issue as we take the fight to the House. We’re close to making that happen. A half a dozen GOP Senators have indicated that they’re considering it.

Look, we all know we can’t trust politicians of either party. We all know that yes, they’re beholden to corporate Interests. But we also know that they’re not immune to public pressure. They are ELECTED officials after all. And the polls show that the overwhelming majority of voters, including Republicans and Independents, support net neutrality and want them to vote to bring it back.

So if we can harness the power of the Internet to sound the alarm and get EVERYONE to flood lawmakers with real phone calls and emails from their constituents right before the vote, we can win.

That’s why starting May 9th we’re calling on the Internet to “go red” to sound the alarm. Put your website, subreddit, or social media profile on “red alert” using the tools here.

  • Here’s a demo of the widget we’re offering, the code is available here.
  • Here’s a folder with various sized graphics, banners, and ads, we’re generating a bunch of new stuff soon too
  • Here’s a folder of graphics sized for social media avatars / headers. Change your profile pic starting on May 9 to spread the word!

Reddit, Etsy, Vimeo, Imgur, Ok Cupid, Foursquare, Pornhub, Mozilla, Private Internet Access, Bittorrent, Fark, BoingBoing, Namecheap, Gandi, DuckDuckGo, FreeMusicArchive, and a ton of other big sites are participating. But this isn’t about the big companies. It’s about the entire Internet coming together. Are you with us? Let’s fight like we mean it!

Use our widget code to put your website or blog on RED ALERT!
On the day of May 9th, and the day before the Senate vote, if confirmed, the RED ALERT widget will become a full screen splash page like this. A powerful way to sound the alarm.
There are banner ads, social media avatars, and more available too. Every Internet user can get involved.



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