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On May 15, 2018, net neutrality supporters from New York’s 5th congressional district met with Representative Gregory Meeks to urge him to sign the net neutrality CRA resolution discharge petition. By May 18, 2018, Representative Meeks has officially signed.

We have until December 21st to get as many members of Congress as possible on the record for real net neutrality.

The only way for lawmakers to signal their support for the open Internet is by signing something called the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution discharge petition, otherwise they’re not on our side. You can see if your representative has signed the discharge petition here.

Once December 21st passes, the open Internet will be under threat by Big Cable’s lobbyists who will start targeting members of Congress to get their support for fake net neutrality legislation. But if members are on the record in support of real net neutrality, it’ll be much more difficult for them to switch sides.

Visit your representative before December 21st and urge them to sign the CRA discharge petition. Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Click here to find out who your House representative in Congress is.

STEP TWO: Click here to check if your representative has signed the discharge petition for the Congressional Review Act resolution that, if passed, would overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal.

  • Did your representative sign the discharge petition? Great, call, tweet, or email them to say thank you!
  • Is your representative missing? Continue to Step Three.

STEP THREE: Visit your representative’s website to find their in-district office that’s closest to you.

STEP FOUR: Text ‘GOING’ to 687–88 to let us know that you’re planning to visit your representative’s office before the congressional session ends on December 21st. (Data & message rates apply. Text ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.)

STEP FIVE: Now you’re ready to visit your representative! Stop by their office when you can. Here is some suggested language:

EXTRA POINTS: Step up your advocacy skills by bringing a “Save Net Neutrality” sign with you. Take a selfie with the sign at the office, and tweet your representative to let them know you’re watching and expect them to do the right thing. Messages like these from constituents go a long way.

Not on Twitter? Email us your selfie:

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