How to make your June 26 net neutrality protest awesome.

The FCC repealed net neutrality and the Internet is outraged. On June 26th we’re turning our anger into action and calling on our House Reps to sign the discharge petition and vote for the CRA to save the open Internet.

Click here to find a protest near you!

Here are some basic instructions for how to make your June 26th net neutrality protest have the greatest impact:

#1: Take Pictures

The most important thing to remember is to take pictures AND send them to us during the protest. During the protest, you can email pictures to this email: You should also post on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #NetNeutrality, and tag your rep!

#2: Invite Your Friends

Invite your friends to this facebook event:

You can share this link directly to them via text, email, and social media:

#3: Protest Signs

We need a volunteer to be responsible for pick up signs from a Fedex location in your area. Email by 6pm EST on Sunday, June 24th if you can pick up signs (we’ll pay for the printing!) . Folks are also welcome to make their own signs. Protest signs grab attention and make great pictures. We want to show your protest off! So, it’s super important to capture pictures. Gather your group in front of your Rep’s office with your signs and take a group picture. Email the pictures to:

#4: Time & Location

Speaking of your Rep’s office. Make sure to meet outside the main entrance to their office at 12pm local time on Tuesday, June 26th. Your rep may not be at the office, but their staffers will be. We have made it known to them that people will be gathering outside of their office.

#5: Talking points
Use these talking points when talking to pedestrians or any media who show up. If you want, you can go into the office at the end of the protest and talk to the staffer about why you were there.

  • We’re protesting outside of our representative’s offices calling on them to sign the discharge petition and pass the CRA resolution to overrule the FCC’s disastrous repeal of net neutrality.
  • The repeal of net neutrality just went into effect. This means that right now, cable and phone companies can legally slow down services, block apps and websites, make you pay expensive new fees, and worse.
  • The loss of net neutrality is bad for consumers, small businesses, and freedom of speech. This is not a partisan issue.
  • We won’t accept anything less than REAL net neutrality. We don’t want weak legislation, we want our resp to SIGN THE DISCHARGE PETITION and restore the FCC rules.

#6: The Protest Guide

Here you will find materials to print out and protest chants.

Don’t hesitate to contact Fight for the Future with any questions:

We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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