Fight for the Future’s priorities in 2019

Here are our priorities in 2019. Please chip in to fund this crucial work!

Keep up the fight for Net Neutrality

After the FCC repeal, our viral campaigns helped channel the Internet outrage into political power. In the coming year we’ll stay on the offense, beat back trojan horse legislation disguised as “compromise,” and keep up the fight for the open Internet in Congress, in the courts, and at the state level.

Secure a win on Internet privacy

In 2019 we’ll be taking on fights for privacy and data security. From expansions of government surveillance to attacks on encryption to data harvesting scandals like Cambridge Analytica, the public is learning more about how their data can be used against them. We’ll fight to hold big tech companies accountable and push to ensure any legislative response truly protects Internet users.

Engage on issues of platform censorship and content moderation

Everyone agrees that social media giants like Facebook and Google have amassed tremendous power. The question is what to do about it. We’re monitoring increasing calls for platform censorship, and working to ensure that “solutions” to content moderation concerns don’t silence marginalized voices. We see a need for visionary thinking about the Internet we want, and how to protect free expression while grappling with the real problems democracy faces in the digital age.

Take on tech policy fights that affect the most marginalized

We’re hiring a full time Racial Justice Campaigner to lead our team on campaigns at the intersection of human rights and technology, from challenging big tech companies’ contracts with immigration and law enforcement agencies to combating targeted surveillance of communities of color.

Stop anti-consumer media mergers

The FCC is currently reviewing a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint that, if approved, will lead to less choice, higher prices, and worse cell phone plans. It faces less corporate opposition than other mergers, which will make it harder to stop. We’re assembling a coalition of strange bedfellows who oppose the merger to take the fight to the FCC and Congress.

Prevent overreaching copyright laws

Copyright policy seems mundane, but when done badly it can lead to widespread Internet censorship. Congress will soon debate NAFTA 2.0 and we are ready to step in to prevent bad intellectual property rules from being exported to Canada and Mexico. We are also monitoring Article 13 in Europe, and continuing to build networks of creators and artists who support Internet freedom.


About Fight for the Future:
We’re an intentionally small team of highly skilled digital rights activists specializing in creative uses of technology and culture. We harness the power of the Internet to mobilize people on an unprecedented scale, winning public interest victories previously thought to be impossible. As we have both a 501(c)3 and a 501c(4) nonprofit, we build tech-enhanced campaigns that educate millions of people, and then turn that public consensus into political power.

Some of our previous victories:

  • Built the tech and messaging behind the largest online protests in history against SOPA, for net neutrality, and against NSA spying

We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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