Even if you already called your lawmakers and told them to support net neutrality more than once, do it again RIGHT NOW! The Senate is going to vote on net neutrality at 3PM EST today.

Hey Internet,

I know you are sick of hearing this, but the senate is voting on net neutrality in just a few hours, and there is still time to be heard. If you care about the free and open internet, head over to BattleForTheNet.com RIGHT NOW and call your lawmakers and tell them to support the net neutrality CRA! We only have a few hours left to convince them to pass this legislation. This is an extremely close vote, and we will only need to convince one more republican to vote in favor of the CRA for it to pass.

Two Republican Senators who are as yet undecided are Senator Murkowski of Alaska, and Senator Kennedy of Louisiana. They both need to hear from each and every one of their constituents that they NEED to support the net neutrality CRA in today’s vote. If we can drive enough phone calls to their offices, there is a good chance that we will be able to push this through the Senate, after which it will be sent to The House. But even if you’re not a constituent of either of these Senators your voice is essential in this fight.

Even if you have called your lawmakers multiple times, do it again RIGHT NOW!

If this passes through the Senate, we will need to immediately focus all our efforts on the House. Our best chance to force a vote will be between now and the midterm elections. Follow us on Medium, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook for daily updates on the fight for internet freedom.

This is a post by Fight for the Future, a grassroots digital rights nonprofit fighting for internet freedom since 2011.

We believe there's hardly anything as important as ensuring that our shared future has freedom of expression and creativity at its core.

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