Don’t be Fooled by Telecom’s Dirty Tricks

The FCC’s December 2017 repeal of net neutrality inspired over 700 protests on a single day throughout the U.S.

This update is really important. We’re at a pivotal moment in the net neutrality fight and we need everyone to understand what’s going on.

Now that the CRA resolutions to overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal have been introduced in the Senate and House, lobbyists for Comcast and Verizon have gone into overdrive. Their plan is to co-opt the momentum behind the net neutrality movement, and push bad legislation that kills the open Internet while claiming to save it.

Unfortunately, their plan is starting to work. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) just filed an ISP-approved bill in the Senate that violates a fundamental principle of net neutrality because it would legalize paid prioritization. It would also override state-level net neutrality laws and further stifle the FCC’s authority to go after ISP abuse.

Tell your members of Congress that you won’t be fooled.

Net neutrality supporters in New Orleans call on Senator John Kennedy to withdraw his ISP-approved bill and support the CRA.

To be clear: Senator Kennedy’s bill undermines the CRA and would destroy real net neutrality.

Everyone needs to know that lawmakers not supporting the CRA but talking about “alternative legislation” are intentionally trying to confuse voters so they can fool people into thinking that they’re helping when they’re really not.

Members of Congress that claim to be on our side need to publicly support the CRA resolution because it’s the best path to restoring strong net neutrality protections for Internet users and businesses.

Don’t let your lawmakers get fooled by ISP tricks and misinformation. Sign the petition now to demand that they support the CRA resolution.

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