Despite promise to local business leader, Alaska Rep Don Young has yet to sign net neutrality CRA discharge petition

TLDR: Bombshell news out of Alaska this morning. A local business owner has gone public with word that Congressman Don Young promised he would sign the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution discharge petition to restore net neutrality. But it’s a month later and he still hasn’t followed through. Call Rep. Young now and ask him to keep his promise by signing the CRA before he leaves DC for the August recess.

Local entrepreneur Jennie Stewart of has decided to go public about a bombshell promise from Republican Congressman Don Young (AK-0) to sign the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution discharge petition to help restore net neutrality. The Congressman pledged to sign the CRA during a meeting with Stewart on Capitol Hill in June. If he follows through, he would become the second GOP House representative to sign the CRA to overturn the FCC’s repeal.

The promise came during a visit at the Congressman’s DC office during a “Day of Advocacy For Net Neutrality” hosted by a coalition of public interest organizations. Despite productive correspondence between Ms. Stewart and Rep Young’s office following the meeting, the Congressman’s team has since gone quiet and has yet to deliver on their commitment to sign the CRA. His office has not responded to calls from several journalists inquiring about the CRA.

Ms. Stewart then reached out to our team at Fight for the Future, so today we’re helping her go public with the story.

“The radio silence from Congressman Young’s office has made me pretty anxious. But he promised he would sign the CRA to restore net neutrality protections for Alaska businesses like mine, so I’m confident he’ll follow through,” said Jennie Stewart, founder of Custom Everything Inc. and, “When he first said he’d sign the CRA I was thrilled. It was amazing to hear such a high-ranking member of Congress take such a strong, independent stance on this, and put the needs of his constituents ahead of giants like GCI and AT&T. But I’m afraid his silence means the telecom lobby got to him — and I really hope I’m wrong about that.”

The CRA was recently passed in the Senate with a historic bipartisan vote of 52–47. The discharge petition currently has 175 co-signers including one other Republican. If 215 House reps sign the discharge petition, it will force a vote to restore strong net neutrality rules preventing blocking, throttling, and new fees online.

You can help convince Congressman Young to follow through on his promise by calling his office 202–225–5765 and asking him to sign the CRA before he leaves DC for August recess. Head over to to take action.

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