BREAKING: One more member of Congress just announced support for the resolution to restore net neutrality. Will these other Democrats follow or do they work for Big Cable?

This morning Representative Joe Morelle (D NY-25) announced he will sign the discharge petition for the CRA resolution overturning the FCC’s net neutrality repeal in a comment to a Motherboard. Rep. Morelle is the first congress person to announce their support for the CRA in months, as more than a dozen Democrats in the pockets of big ISP lobbyists remain off of the discharge petition.

This comes as thousands of activists, businesses, and celebrities prepare for tomorrow’s day of action for net neutrality at

While we’re excited about this victory — our work has just begun.

At this point, passing the CRA in the House before the December 10th deadline would take a herculean effort. But we’re staying on the offense until the last minute to force as many House lawmakers as possible to take a position on the record for strong net neutrality protections. This will put us in the best possible position for whatever comes next in the fight — most likely fending off bad legislation that would permanently undermine net neutrality from telecom-captured lawmakers like incoming Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Call the remaining Democratic holdouts and tell them to follow Rep. Morelle’s lead and sign the discharge petition. The future of the Internet as we know it depends on it.

Representative Brandon Boyle

  • Represents Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–6111
  • Tweet: @RepBrendanBoyle

Representative Robert Brady

  • Represents Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–4731
  • Tweet: @RepBrady

Representative G.K. Butterfield

  • Represents North Carolina’s 1st congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–3101
  • Tweet: G. K. Butterfield

Representative Matt Cartwright

  • Represents Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–5546
  • Tweet: @RepCartwright

Representative Jim Costa

  • Represents California’s 16th congressional district.
  • Call: (202) 225–3341
  • Tweet: @RepJimCosta

Representative Henry Cuellar

  • Represents Texas’ 28th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–1640
  • Tweet: @RepCuellar

Representative Dwight Evans

  • Represents Pennsylvania’s 2nd congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–4001
  • Tweet: @RepDwightEvans

Representative Vicente Gonzalez

  • Represents Texas’ 15th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–2531
  • Tweet: @RepGonzalez

Representative Josh Gottheimer

  • Represents New Jersey’s 5th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–4465
  • Tweet: @RepJoshG ‏

Representative Gene Green

  • Represents Texas’ 29th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–1688
  • Tweet: @RepGeneGreen

Representative Tom O’Halleran

  • Represents Arizona’s 1st congressional district.
  • Call: (202) 225–3361
  • Tweet: @RepOHalleran

Representative Brad Schneider

  • Represents Illinois’ 10th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–4835
  • Tweet: @RepSchneider

Representative David Scott

  • Represents Georgia’s 13th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–2939
  • Tweet: @repdavidscott

Representative Kyrsten Sinema

  • Represents Arizona’s 9th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–9888
  • Tweet: @RepSinema

Representative Filemon Vela

  • Represents Texas’ 34th congressional district.
  • Call: (202) 225–9901
  • Tweet: @RepFilemonVela

Representative Pete Visclosky

  • Represents Indiana’s 1st congressional district.
  • Call: (202) 225–2461
  • Tweet: @RepVisclosky

Representative Frederica Wilson

  • Represents Florida’s 24th congressional district.
  • Call: (202) 225–4506
  • Tweet: @RepWilson

Representative Mary Gay Scanlon

  • Represents Pennsylvania 7th congressional district
  • Call: (202) 225–2011
  • Tweet: @marygayscanlon

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