California Senate passes gold standard net neutrality bill. Now let’s push federal lawmakers to restore strong protections for everyone.

TL;DR: The California State Senate just passed the strongest state level net neutrality bill in the country. It now advances to the California Assembly. Congress must follow their lead by passing the CRA to restore basic protections for all. Please call your lawmakers and ask them to block the FCC’s repeal ASAP.

Big news out of Sacramento: the California State Senate just voted 23–12 to pass SB 822, the strongest and most comprehensive state level net neutrality legislation in the country. The bill heads to the California Assembly next and, if passed, will offer strong net neutrality protections for nearly 40 million residents.

SB 822 passed in the face of fierce lobbying from big ISPs like AT&T and Comcast, who flooded the Capitol with misinformation in an all-out attempt to kill the bill. Thankfully, overwhelming constituent pressure from Internet users, startups, and small businesses was able to carry it through.

This victory in California shows that net neutrality is here to stay. It’s time for our federal lawmakers in the House of Representatives to follow the lead of the U.S. Senate and California State Senate, listen to their constituents, tech experts, and small business owners, and vote for the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to restore open Internet protections for all.

Our federal net neutrality protections are set to expire on June 11th, but members of Congress in the House of Representatives can stop this. Please contact your members of Congress and ask them to sign the “discharge petition” in support of the CRA as soon as possible.

Net neutrality advocates have set June 11th as the deadline for House representatives to sign the discharge petition in support of the CRA. If they haven’t signed on by EOD June 11th, they’ll find themselves caught in a summer-long campaign of phone calls, emails, tweets, and protests that we’ll take all the way to the midterms.

Over 120 lawmakers have signed the discharge petition so far, but we need 218 total to unlock the vote. Two weeks ago we pulled off a historic upset when the federal Senate voted 52–47 in favor of the CRA.

Now, as many House lawmakers are vulnerable as we head towards the midterms, it’s very important they feel the pressure with our historic win fresh in their minds. So please take a second to call your House representatives.

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