Alert Salesforce Top Customers About their Contract with CBP!

Tons of well-known organizations are on the front page of Salesforce, featured as their most prominent users. If these companies heard from enough of us about Salesforce’s dealings in human rights violations, we’re willing to bet they would not want to be publicly connected to the company.

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  1. Go through the list of companies and pick at least 1 company to send an email to. We’ve provided you the organization’s press or CEO contact info. If you can email all of them, that’s even better!
  2. Copy & paste the sample email below. Be sure to fill out the [NAME], [COMPANY NAME] and [YOUR NAME] portions of the email.
  3. Forward any response you get to:

Sample Email


I saw that [COMPANY/ORG NAME] is featured on Salesforce’s partners page.

I represent one of 300,000+ signatures on petitions calling on Salesforce to cancel their contract with US Customs and Border Protection, amid widespread reports of human rights violations, and families being inhumanely separated at the border.

So far, Salesforce has refused, made excuses, and attempted to sweep the issue under the rug. In response, RAICES, one of the nation’s leading immigrants rights groups, recently refused a $250,000 donation from Salesforce, and Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters pulled out of catering their conference.

We’re encouraging all companies and organizations that Salesforce is listing on this page to contact them and ask to be removed unless they cancel their contract with Border Patrol. At this moment in history, it’s likely any association with Salesforce will be seen as standing against basic dignity and respect for immigrant communities.

Please pass this message along to the appropriate person, and if you have any questions please email



List of Companies*

Year Up: Roberto Zeledon,

Teach for America: CEO Elisa Villanueva Beard,

(Red): Huw Davies,

Dunkin Brands: Heather McIntyre,

College Forward:




Toms Shoes:

*These are only a few of many companies featured on Salesforce’s page. Here is a link to the full list. We encourage you to view that list, google press or CEO contacts for those companies, and then use the above guide to email them.

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