6 Steps to #NoTechforICE Protest Success

#1: Take Pictures
The most important thing to remember is to take pictures AND send them to us during the protest.
You can text them to 804–396–3427. You should also post on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #NoTechforICE.

#2: Invite Your Friends
This protest is being organized in a distributed fashion by volunteers. That means YOU are one of the organizers. Please do everything you can to get others to attend. You can share this link directly to them via text, email, and social media: https://www.notechforice.com

#3: Protest Signs
We will be providing signs & banners, but ONLY if someone volunteers to pick them up from the printer. If you can help with this, please email jelani@fightforthefuture.org

Folks are also welcome to make their own signs. Protest signs grab attention and make great pictures. We want to show your protest off! So, it’s super important to capture pictures. Gather your group in front the Microsoft office (if there is a Microsoft logo, that’s even better!) with your signs and take a group picture. Text the pictures to 804–396–3427. We’ll add them to a gallery of photos from events across the country and make sure it gets to journalist covering this issue

#4: Time & Location
Make sure to meet outside of your city’s Microsoft corporate office at 1pm local time on Thursday, July 26th.

#5: Talking points
Use these talking points when talking to pedestrians or any media who show up:

  • 280,000+ people have signed petitions asking Microsoft to drop it’s contract with ICE.
  • Microsoft has a $19.4 million contract with ICE.
  • Microsoft’s CEO has been speaking out about ICE’s policies while refusing to cancel this contract.
  • Microsoft is providing the operational foundation to help ICE violate human rights.
  • We believe any contract with ICE is a contract that helps the government violate human rights.
  • The horror of the zero toleration, family separation policy is not over. This trauma will be long lasting for the families involved.
  • Huge companies in other sectors have dropped their contracts with ICE, so Microsoft should lead by example and be the first in big tech company to drop it’s contract with ICE.

#6: “Delivery”
Toward the end of the protest, if it is possible, leave signs or banner close to the building so that passerbyers and Microsoft get the message. Get a photo or video and send it to us to include in the gallery.

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