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Students and faculty protested conditions at the University of Miami during a September 4 “die-in.” Photo by Ally Gaddy/The Miami Hurricane

Students at University of Miami are outraged after learning that university police used recognition technology to target and intimidate students protesting the administration’s insufficient COVID-19 safety precautions. Last month, the Dean of Students called a group of students into his office to reprimand them for protesting in an “unapproved” manner by laying in a courtyard alongside faculty and staff to demand greater protections during the COVID-19 pandemic. When a student asked how the list of those called to the Dean’s office had been assembled, the Dean told them that they had been identified using facial recognition technology.

Yesterday, Fight for the Future learned that a University of Miami spokesperson is flat out denying that the school uses facial recognition. Here’s a screenshot of the statement sent by the university’s Executive Director of Communications and Public…

Students at CUNY will be required to submit to invasive home, biometric, and personal device surveillance under the institution’s pending deals with remote proctoring providers. Student governments at multiple campuses are organizing to halt the agreement.

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Students at the City University of New York (CUNY), a public institution that serves many low income and BIPOC students, are organizing to stop what they say is an “atrocious” privacy violation. …

Sex workers and supporters braved the hazardous air to project their message on Oakland City Hall last night, specifically calling out Senator Kamala Harris for voting to advance the EARN IT Act to the Senate floor. The bill threatens Internet freedom and the safety of sex workers while failing the issues it claims to address.

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Sex workers brave the air at Oakland City Hall. Photo by Cammy Leone.

Last night, Oakland City Hall lit up with messages protesting the EARN IT Act while sex workers donned respirators and took to the square. Insiders have told Fight for the Future that the bill’s sponsors may try to rush the bill through the Senate this week. …


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